Future Vision Rotorua

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Future Vision Rotorua

In a packed council chamber, the Rotorua Business Chamber steps forward with a clear message on the Draft Long-Term Plan (LTP).

Their submission, representing over 500 local businesses, emphasizes the need for vision-driven leadership. They commend the Council's efforts while urging a shift towards strategic planning that prioritizes Rotorua's long-term future over short-term budget constraints.

Highlighting the potential for private and government investment, the Chamber advocates for a robust vision to drive economic growth and expand the city's rating base. Their proposal includes initiatives to revitalize the CBD, address investment obstacles, and foster economic development.

The Chamber underscores community support for investing in Rotorua's future, even if it means slightly higher rates initially. They stand ready to collaborate with the Council for collective progress.

As the meeting concludes, the Chamber's message reverberates a call for vision, investment, and a vibrant future for Rotorua.